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The application for user interfacing and databases for storage of information about electricity consumption, meter and customer data are all held in servers at different locations around Bangladesh. Currently there are 5 (five) MICs (Master Information Center) installed in Bangladesh of which three MICs are placed at Khilkhet, Gulshan and Mirpur in Dhaka City. Two MICs are placed outside Dhaka of which one MIC is placed at Tangail and the other one at Khulna. The vending client terminals are connected to these server stations in site location through secured wireless network during the vending transactions with consumer. These five MICs are connected to the CDC (Central Data Center) that reserves the information of all the servers. It acts like a master backup and controller of the entire client terminals. Last and foremost, the setup of the server in CDC and MICs are all alike in their arrangement with the same equipment installation.

The network diagram explains the mechanism of data transmission across the country. The information about the server is directly shared by the utility client through ISP network and at the same time GrameenPhone maintains all the incoming and outgoing communication links of vending terminals, GPRS meters and   mobile to the ISP network. The ISP in the cloud is connected to all the servers at different site location. The remaining part of the network after the cloud is stored in a separate rack at distinct and secured air-conditioned room. From here on, all the maintenance and monitoring of server begins.