We're IEEL BD Family

IDEAL played a major role in power distribution projects before the early stage of development in substation. We had exceled our projects on power line activities such as underground cabling. overhead transmission, feeder distribution, and high voltage cable reinforcement. Image below shows our contribution on 132 kV over- head transmission line extended from Maniknagar to Shiddirgonj. Similar work was implemented in Ashugang Combined Power Cycle Power Station.

A list of projects underwent on power distribution is outlined as follows:

33kV Overhead Transmission line elongation for 1. Patuakhali to

Bauphal (30km) 2. Lohalia River Crossing at Patuakhali (1km),  3. Narshindi to Palash(20km) First two projects belong to BPDB contract and the last one is carried out under DESA contract

11/0.4  kV   Overhead   Distribution   Line   and   Underground   Cabling   with Distribution Transformer installation for feeders of 500 km range in Dhaka City as per contract of DESA.

6.6/0.24 kV Overhead Transmission Line with Distribution Transformer installation at 100 miles distance of different areas in Madaripur, Sylhet as issued under the REB contract.