Our IEEL BD Services

Power Substation Development

Projects on substation development are categorized into three groups that classify our work methodology:

  1. High Voltage Substation – Substation is generally outdoor switchyard with large towers or columns of galvanized steel. The distribution is of 132/33 kV or dual transformation from 132/33 kV to 33/11 kV. Power transformation ranges in an average of 50MVA or above. All the switchgears in the yard are supported on distinct columns with appropriate spacing. The circuit breakers are usually gas type and isolators are in horizontal orientation.


  1. Medium Voltage Substation – The power transformation is within the range of 30 MVA for 33/11 kV distribution. Air insulated Switchgear Substation has mounted isolators, Auxiliary Transformer and PT on gantry structure with CT, VCB erected on foundation. Gas insulated Switchgears are kept indoors with isolators PT, VCB and CT stored inside panels while transformers are kept outside.


  1. Medium Voltage Substation- Mostly Air Insulated Switchgears with average sized gantry structure of height 10m. Power transformation is below 10MVA for 33/11 KV distribution.it has similar properties to Medium voltage AIS substation but with lower power Transformation.

The 132/33 kV substation project was renovated by IDEAL in 6 other locations including Sylhet, Fenchugonj. Chatak. Bagherhat, Comilla and Chandpur in similar manner to Barishal under BPDB contract. Bay extensions were also done for the existing grid. Regarding Power Plant project. IDEAL underwent construction of 132kV Substation in Goalpara. Khulna and Ghorashal, Dhaka as deployed   by BPDB client. Goalpara Substation was since renovated over time for underground power transmission to other grid locations. Then DPDC laid us project for development and extension of Sayampur Grid Substation from 50 MW Rental Power Plant in Khulna. Likewise, in Chittagong, switchgear replacements were done for Sikalbaha Power Plant as per contract of BPDB. In Dhaka City, IDEAL upgraded Substation in two locations including Ullon and Digun on behalf of DESA.

The Gantry Columns show that height levels are in range of 8 meter to 16 meterrange for large substation grid.  33 kV capacitor banks are also installed in this substation for 50MVAR Reactive Power Compensation.  Similar installation was done in Faridpur and Naogaon Grid Substation with addition of GIS and SF6 switchgears under the contract of BPDB.

Prepayment Metering Solution

IDEAL started the metering project 11 years ago to attract client’s interest over work strategy and plan in leading the first prepaid meter system. Since then, works on prepaid metering has elevated progressively which grew trust on our clients.

The following enlisted contracts are signed by the utility company as shown below

Entire development of pre-payment metering project (PMP) at locations including Agrabad (Chittagong) and Bogra, as signed under the contract of BPDB.

  1. Project completion on Unified Software, Hardware, Meter and Networking of Unified Prepaid E-Metering System as a joint venture for the BPDB contract.
  2. Completion of pre-payment metering project at Saver under BREB contract.
  3. Completion of pre-payment metering at Khulna City under WZPDCL contract. Similar project was completed in Rajshahi Zone. Sylhet Zone. & Rangpur Zone.


  1. Completion of pre-payment metering at three NOCS location in Dhaka City including Satmasjid, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar & Mugdapara.


Two of our most renowned joint ventures has been working with us for a long time to unleash client’s satisfaction both in our services and quality of the product. HEXING and INHEMETER provided us with prepaid meters that are keypad  or  smart  card  type.  The smart card type meters also have features to operate as online meter due to presence of GSM/GPRS module. Our vendors also provide us replaceable modules like PLC, Zigbee. and RFID for remote communication

The principle of prepaid metering system was prepared by the Consortium of IDEAL Enterprise (Bangladesh).  BIPL(Bangladesh)  in association with  IBCS PRIMAX.  MIM(Malaysia),  GrameenPhone(Bangladesh),  IB (USA),  CISCO (USA). HP (USA). The diagram below is applicable for keypad users who can purchase electricity by paying in cash or cheque. Then the consumer receives a series of digit printed on token slip that needs to be entered into meter through keypad at their home location. In this way, electricity consumption can be cost effective and easier to notify consumers about their consumption behavior.